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Опыт работы

    Want to get the position of Junior QA Engineer with the prospect of further development in this direction.

    At the time of writing the summary of the work in the category of transportation and logistics ,Meest-Group and the operator-cashier. In the process, face tightly with the program 1C 8. 3 and monetary system of Global Money transfers.

    Working with the Global Money system, found a bug in the identification passport data of the addressee of the parcel or transfer money. For example in order to give money to a recipient, you must enter passport data,however, applying the method of "Black Box" I found that in fields with passport data, you can enter any information. And the system safely allows you to print either the parcel or money. Clearly this is a bug that requires a hotfix.

    Professional skills:

    HTML - (4 years experience) intermediate level, I use currently.
    Sql (2 years experience) level medium, using now.
    Uml (1 year experience) beginner level, were not used.
    C#,C ++ (2 years experience) level beginner, use a now.

    Supplementary courses

    Foundations of software testing (LVIV IT School)

    The course is designed for people who do not have experience in the it field or relevant education.

    This course includes the basic knowledge necessary to textualise software. A course curriculum was developed by teachers LITS based on their many years of experience working on commercial projects in it. They worked and continue to work on projects for world renowned companies.

    This course covers what exactly do the testers and help you start to learn a new profession.

    Have a great desire to work as much as you want, anytime, and on any terms for payment.To learn and improve